How to join us:

Who can row?

We cater to rowers from the ages of 14 years and up, with an emphasis toward High School students, but also have an active group of Masters-aged rowers. 

We aim to provide an opportunity for members of the public to learn and develop the basic skills of rowing, as well as advance to elite levels within New Zealand.  

At the start of each season (in September) we have an OPEN HOUSE to introduce the sport to the public.  For those that like it, the next two weeks of training are free.

Following that, we would then ask you to become a member of the club.  If you would like to join at another time of year, then please contact the club directly so we can determine the best time to join.

As the sport is on the water, for the safety of all concerned, you should be a sufficiently strong swimmer.

What does training involve?

For those that want to be part of a competitive youth team, training will probably occur up to 4-6 times per week with the rest of the squad or crew. These sessions will normally take place in the evening (after school) during weekdays or on the weekends.  The schedule, however, will be dependent on the tides and the availability of the coach(es).  


We aim to train on water as much as possible but land training on the rowing machines (ergs) and weights is also an important component of training.

When is the rowing season / 

what regattas do you go to?

The main rowing season starts in September and finishes in March after the Maadi Cup. Some events occur over the winter months but training is usually minimal then as other sports take over.

We typically aim to go to 4-6 regattas over the course of the season.  A number of regattas are held over the weekends and would require travel up on the Friday and a few of the larger National level regattas occur over the course of an entire week.

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